Old Flowers Road

Total Miles


2630.69 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a quick and easy route that passes through some private land on the first section. Stay on the road all the way to the forest boundary. There are some great camping spots along the route, but fire damage has affected the number. Open to street legal vehicles only. Closed December 1 through June 14.


Easy. Narrow and a little steep in a few places, but otherwise fairly easy most of the way. Can be muddy.


Old Flowers Road is named after Jacob Flowers, a settler who founded the nearby town of Bellvue in the 1880s. This part of Roosevelt National Forest was heavily damaged in June 2012 by the High Park Fire. A 62-year- old woman, who lived in a small cabin on the private land you cross at the beginning of the trail, died in the fire.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From the small town of Laporte, northwest of Fort Collins, follow Rist Canyon Road west about 15 miles through Bellvue to Stove Prairie Road. Old Flowers Road is straight ahead. You can also reach the eastern end by traveling Stove Prairie Road south from Highway 14 or north from Masonville. To start on western end: Take Hwy. 14 west to Pingree Park Road 63E. Go south about 8 miles to Monument Gulch Road 135 on left. Drive in less than 0.2 mile to Old Flowers Road on left. Past this point, Monument Gulch Rd. is gated closed.