Radical Hill

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This is part of the network of trails out on Montezuma, Colorado. Note that leaving town, you follow the signs for Deer Creek. This section would be a TR3 to the top of Radical hill (there is a sign), where it descends into a narrow shelf road with frequent washouts and finally a boulder field (TR6). You will reach the exit of Radical Hill, which is a one-way down, and you will descend Handcart Gulch, which is again a narrow shelf with some washouts. Entering Radical Hill, the section below the treeline has one significant obstacle that has been built up over the summer with rocks, and it is now passable in a stock truck (I have seen a Raptor do it). Once above treeline, there is a final climb, and then you follow a wide-open rocky ridge to the steep descent back to the top of Webster.


This encompasses several trails that are marked clearly by signage that conflict with the map. I have noted where the trail changes from could do it in a Subaru Forester to you probably want a Rubicon and some skills. I did not mention the steep drop offs as they are not a physical challenge so much as a mental challenge.


Numerous mines are on side trails below treeline

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From Keystone Ski Resort in Dillon, CO take Montezuma Road to the town on Montezuma