Old Squaw Pass Central

Total Miles


3274.2 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail can accessed from either the Squaw Mountain Lookout trail or the Old Squaw Pass East Trail. The trail is blocked in the middle by a gated section of private property which prevents you from accessing the full trail at one time. The trail consists of dirt and rock road that is easily accessible by 4WD, and high clearance 2WD vehicles in dry conditions. All obstacles on the trail are under 8". The portion of the trail on the north side ends at a locked gate. It is relatively narrow and you will need to back up several yards to be able to turn around. The portion of the trail that is on the south side ends at a large clearing where you will encounter fenced-off private property. Both sections of the trail provide great views of the mountains to the west and north.


There are no major obstacles, and the trail is passable by most vehicles with decent ground clearance.

Technical Rating