NE Passage via Cimarron Canyon

Total Miles


1918.61 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a very long dirt road route connecting Clayton Lake State Park NM and Trinidad, Colorado. There is a shortcut that will eliminate approximately 20 miles (if you look at the route closely, it's evident where I'm talking about) In dry conditions, any vehicle with at least 5-6 inches of ground clearance can make it. It is mostly all flat with only only one dirt-inclined section. I saw a flock of turkeys and lots of cows (pictured) and two coyotes (not quick enough with the camera). Also, there is a gate you have to cross, just to be sure you leave it like you found it, which will probably be closed.


90% flat dirt road or flat dirt two-track. Only one dry creek bed to cross (pictured) and one section (200 yds) of approximately 5% incline.

Technical Rating