Loop 3

Total Miles


1,880.43 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is part of a designated OHV area often called Hubbard Mesa or JQS nestled below the Roan Plateau and north of the town of Rifle. Rifle rides most of the year save for heavy rains and snow that turn the adobe clay into mud. Summers are pretty warm so early morning/late evenings are ideal. Loop 3 takes you on a quick rip through high desert juniper, ridgelines, and drainages. You'll find narrow singletrack through tight juniper, along sidehills, up rocky drainages, and some turn track-style lines through the sage. There is flow dotted with some loose climbs and rock moves. This trail isn't officially designated uni-directional but you'll see some arrows that were added by long-time locals encouraging the direction of starting west of the parking area versus straight across from it. However, going the opposite way adds some excitement and obstacles. Some of Loop 3 intersects a couple of main heavily used 4x4 roads, so be alert at road crossings for SxSs traveling at high rates of speed. You can easily make a 40-ish mile day if you add B-side and Loop 2 trails to the ride.

Photos of Loop 3

Loop 3
Loop 3
Loop 3


Expect loose climbs, a steep narrow trail, and rock obstacles.


Hubbard Mesa is a BLM designated area for Off-Highway Vehicle use. Hubbard Mesa was designated as an Open Area in 2007 in the Roan Plateau Management Plan. It offers 2,460 acres with 50 miles of single track, ATV, and Jeep trails. This is a high-use area primarily for OHVs but also receives use from non-motorized users and target shooting.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The main parking area is true OHV with bathrooms and loading ramps. The easiest access is County Road 244 (Fravert Reservoir Road) past the Rifle Ranger District work center. Head up the dirt road for ~2 miles and take the right fork just past the fenced oil and gas equipment. Stay on this road for a couple more miles and you'll see the parking area up on the left.

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