Gold Run

Total Miles


3,250.61 ft


1 Hours

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Trail Overview

Gold Run is one of the more challenging trails in the Mancos riding area in the San Juan National Forest. The trail drops 1,600 feet down into a grove of tall beautiful aspens with several switchbacks. The trail is pretty rocky and full of roots with small drop offs the whole way down. The switchbacks are tight and a moderate challenge, sometimes with big rocks on the corner of the turn. It goes through several scree field sections, embedded boulders, roots, and an exposed section where you have to go around a chunky rock section that is a bit off-camber. At the bottom of the trail it connects to Bear Creek Trail (non-motorized to the north, and motorized to the south). Gold Run does not make a loop with any of the other dirt bike trails accessed from the Mancos riding area, and is thus most likely ridden as an out and back, or as part of a through route. You could ride this trail to connect Mancos to the Rico trails (Priest Gulch and Calico) or the trails in Hermosa Creek (Coral Draw, Rough Canyon, Hermosa Creek). The whole Mancos riding area is very well maintained. The trail has a good amount of shade, and awesome views of a red rock cliffside near the bottom after it goes through a burn area and then drops into a really lush forest.

Photos of Gold Run

Gold Run
Gold Run
Gold Run


Moderately challenging trail full of rock sections, switch backs and exposure.

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Access Description

On the west end of the trail there is a staging area with a pit toilet and enough room for a few trucks or small trailers. The trail is also used by horses and hikers.

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