Fr Road 664

Total Miles


2646.75 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Big Branch road runs from Buckles Lake road (#663) to the Blue Creek road (#612). Right as you start the trail it warns of a rough road, following are several spots with large dips from the beginning, after that it becomes rut roads with a few rocks and possible mud holes. The trail crosses several meadows and spots with a few disturbed primitive campsites, one site was set up for hunting with a game rack. The Blue Creek ATV trail connects 2/3rd of the way to the Blue Creek road bisecting the two trails. There is no discernible change from Big Branch to Blue Creek road except that the trail gets a little rougher with more dips, twists and turns. As/if you continue along what is now the Blue Creek road (#612) you will reach the Blanco River crossing. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE BLANCO RIVER DURING SPRING SNOWMELT. THE CURRENT IS TOO SWIFT. LIVES HAVE BEEN LOST. Be sure to check out the information about the Blue Creek trail. It is a real rollercoaster 4x4 trail, very different from the Big Branch road with driver attention needed.


The road is rougher in the beginning with its dips, after that while small rocks and small mud puddles the rut road could be all driven in 2WD.


A section of what is now Big Branch 4x4 trail was once part of the main road from Chama, NM to Pagosa Springs

Technical Rating


Access Description

Big branch road (#664) connects to Buckles Creek road (#663) on its southern end and Blue Creek road (#612) on its northern end. Buckles Creek road is 20 miles south of Pagosa Springs on Hwy 84 close to Chromo, Colorado