Total Miles


2001.67 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Fenceline is a short, but hard trail that leaves the Toldja Trail back to the Cowpoke Gulch Road. It's less used because you have to go out of the way to get to it and it bails you out from the main trail early. It goes along green mesas with red rock cliffs and pinyon pine, and gains almost 400 feet elevation over 1 mile. It crosses a rocky ravine in the beginning then continues ascending until the road. It's made up of rocky climbs, rock ledges and rock pinches the whole way, making it one of the harder trails in the area. There is one specific rock pinch that you have to wedge your bike through and watch out for your pegs. At the top, it opens up into a flat meadow and becomes a more rutted dirt track with fewer rocks.


Moderate rock ledges, steep grades, and a particularly difficult rock pinch make this an intermediate trail.

Technical Rating