Dump Ridge ATV Trail

Total Miles


1,879.74 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This is one of many ATV trails in the Flat Top - Peach Valley Recreation Area, which is a 9,700-acre area mostly of adobe clay badlands. From the east end, it starts with a steep climb up a hill that is rutted and an ATV would really have to keep their momentum and consider if the steepness is possible. Follow the ridge lines over some adobe hills before dropping off the ridge and into the flat valleys below, into more of a play area. The trail isn't signed through the play area and there are multiple paths to choose from. There are a couple dips and G-outs to watch out for. The trail meanders along the base of the adobe hills until you can connect with several other ATV trails to either continue your ride or take back to the staging area. There is a wooden bridge by the power lines in the valley that is optional to cross, but a fun feature. This is a popular riding area in spring and fall near Montrose, and a lot of the trails have blind corners. Expect to see other riders, especially on weekends.

Photos of Dump Ridge ATV Trail

Dump Ridge ATV Trail
Dump Ridge ATV Trail
Dump Ridge ATV Trail


Easy trail for dirt bikes, but harder for ATVs because of steep climbs and descents. The trail itself is smooth with no rocks or obstacles.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Flat Top Peach Valley Recreation Area is a 9,700 acre trail system made up of adobe hills and rocky desert mesas with almost 100 miles of trail, and a couple open riding areas. The main staging areas are Flat Top, Peach Valley, and Elephant Skin Road.

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