BLM Route 197

Total Miles


1,536.35 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This single track is similar to many of the other single tracks in the lower part of the North Fruita Desert, as it is a smooth and narrow single track that flows over the rolling hills in this valley. It's pretty straight, fast, and flowy over green grass meadows, with barely any rocks in the trail, making it a very easy trail. The main thing to watch out for is when it dips into and out of big ravine crossings that run perpendicular to the trail. These dips come up suddenly and are a deep dip into and out of a G-Out. It crosses a dirt road and you can see the public utility plant on 21 Road in the distance. In springtime, there is potential for mud and moisture on the trail. The trail has great views of the Grand Junction Book Cliiffs and of the colorful mesas surrounding this valley. Near the end, there is a ditch crossing to get back to 21 Road. In spring of a high snow-pack year, there is potential for water to be in this ditch, but is most likely going to be dry most times of the year. Regardless of if there is water in the ditch or not, it's a smooth easy crossing and the water will likely only be a foot high. The trail ends near the public utility plant on 21 Road. Ride this trail as part of a day ride in combination with lots of other options of trails, including Branch Wash, BLM Route 220, or the more challenging Sarlacc Trail on top of the mesa.

Photos of BLM Route 197

BLM Route 197
BLM Route 197
BLM Route 197


Consistently easy smooth dirt single track trail with no obstacles.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The North Fruita Desert has several short and easy single-track trails in the lower rolling hills, as well as harder trails on the rocky mesas that are open seasonally. There are several staging areas for this trail system, all with easy BLM camping nearby. The main staging areas are off of 21 Road and 18 2/10 Road.

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