BC Rim

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3,098.94 ft


0.5 Hours

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The BC Rim trail is a mostly flat single track through a forest with a mix of low bushes, aspens, ferns, and pine trees. The trail has tight snaking curves, some of which are pretty tight turns. You have to watch for low branches and stumps at foot height. There are small roots and rocks in the trail, but no obstacles. It goes along the rim of a mountain but isn't right at the edge, so there's no exposure. It is a really fun cruiser ride in the alpine that is relatively easy, through a really beautiful forest. The trail is troughed at times with mud puddles. It ends at a non-motorized turn-off that takes you to the Bear Creek Hiking trail, and this is where the Morrison Single Track begins, although it is more like a continuation of the trail.

Photos of BC Rim

BC Rim
BC Rim
BC Rim


This is an easy single-track trail that is windy through an aspen tree forest.

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The Mancos Trail System is made up of several single-track trails of varying length and varying difficulty north of the town of Mancos, Colorado, in the San Juan National Forest. There are several staging areas off of West Mancos Road, including the Upper Chicken parking lot, and there's an abundance of dispersed camping sites off of this road.

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