Trail 30

Total Miles


1439.6 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

You can pick this trail up at Trail 26 or Trail 44, with many options to join intersecting trails that can range from challenging to novice. Depending on the direction you start from Trail 26, this trail is gradually more challenging to the climax, where you ascend up a rocky face and then level off to a nice easy ride. If you begin from trail 44, you have a nice gradual incline that is safe for novice riders. The trail consists of single track, steep hill climbs and has beautiful views that transcend the entire area. Trail consists of rock, loose rock, and various areas of hard pack.


Steep rocky downhills and rock climbing step up trails

Technical Rating


Access Description

The trails are part of the Rand Mountain range of trails near Randsburg