Santa Ysabel Truck Trail

Total Miles


529.81 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

Santa Ysabel Truck Trail is a narrow, shelf-road trail running through a section of the Cleveland National Forest in Ramona. The trail follows along Santa Ysabel Creek and offers beautiful views over the mountains, and leads to several hiking and recreation areas. The terrain along the route is rutted and rocky but not overly technical, minus a few short sections. This route is well maintained and well-traveled, so expect to see other vehicles on weekends and holidays. There are several gates throughout the route that are locked at ranger discretion during times of high fire risk or harsh weather.


This trail is steep and full of shallow ruts and small rocks. There are several minor technical challenges, that are made more difficult by the fact that there are few areas to turn away from obstacles. The road is narrow, often with no places to pass. Caution should be used when passing or coming around blind corners.

Technical Rating


Access Description

This trail can be accessed from either Pamo Road or Black Canyon Road, but is often only one vehicle wide and has no designated starting point. Be on the lookout for cars headed in the opposite direction.