Pickett Peak Road 31053

Total Miles


2,655.57 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Pickett Peak Road entrance is marked with USFS number 31053. The gradual accent is typically one vehicle wide with places to pass on this double track dirt trail. This first 2.5 mile portion of the trail ascends from an elevation of 7,800 feet to 8,500 feet. The trail descends and then climbs to the trails highest point of 8700 feet. This climb is the steepest and most technical part of the trail. This slightly steeper section of the trail winds tightly between pine trees. Which will present long wheel base vehicles (Jeep Gladiator size) a challenge. There are a couple of small seasonal stream crossings with a water depth of 6 inches or less. This double track trail is suited for off highway and 4WD high clearance vehicles. Not recommended for 2WD or 4WD cars.

Photos of Pickett Peak Road 31053

Pickett Peak Road 31053
Pickett Peak Road 31053
Pickett Peak Road 31053


Trail is unmaintained after rain or snow. The road is double track single vehicle width. A few tall stones and obstacles under 6" can be easily avoided. 90% of the trail is easy but there is1,500 feet of steep trail that winds tightly through the pine trees.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Sara Weimer
Jul 03, 2023
Deep Snow

Access Description

This trailhead is accessed from HWY 89 and Hwy 88, in Alpine County approximately 15 miles south of South Lake Tahoe Airport. This is a fun trail in dry weather. It starts 2.5 miles south of the HWY 88 at the intersection of Burnside Lake Road and Pickett Peak Road.

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