Mojave Road, West

Check weather conditions before visiting this old desert crossing inside the Mojave National Preserve.

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Moderate (when dry): Variable conditions may include: deep mud, soft wind-blown sand and difficult route-finding. Without question, 4-wheel drive is required. GPS is highly recommended.


In the 1860s, Soda Springs was a small military outpost and stage stop. In 1944, the abandoned property was claimed by Dr. Curtis Springer, who developed it into a health resort. He named it Zzyzx as a gimmick to make it easy to find at the end of any alphabetical listing. He was evicted by the BLM in 1974. Concrete buildings and abandoned pools still remain (see map). Today, it's a Desert Studies Center run by California State University under the auspices of the Mojave National Preserve.

Access Description

If you're driving as a continuation of Mojave Road Central, cross Kelbaker Road and follow sandy road northwest. This point is 14.1 miles southeast of Baker and 20.6 miles northwest of Kelso.

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