Puerta La Cruz Truck Trail

Total Miles


1330.99 ft


0.5 Hours

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Trail Overview

This is the 4X4 route to get to Indian Flats Campground. Do not attempt this trail in a stock-height two-wheel drive vehicle. There are several washouts and obstacles that you will high center on. Highly recommend a lifted vehicle with at least an extra 3 inches of clearance. Two-wheel drive is OK. At the T-intersection, stay left to continue on to Indian Flats Campground.


The entire trail is accessible by vehicles with high clearance. Four-wheel drive is not needed. There's plenty of traction. But, there are several washed out areas that will high center stock height vehicles. The first 40% of the trail is narrow and covered is loose rock that have rolled onto the trail from previous rainfalls. Once you get to the Cleveland Forest area, the trail widens out and flattens out.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Take the 79 to Chihuahua Valley Road. Drive 4.4 miles trail will start on the right. Look for signs to Indian Flats Campground.