Lower Kessler Peak Trail

Total Miles


1543.78 ft



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Best Time

winter, fall, spring



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Trail Overview

This easier southern section of the trail has a few interesting sights to see along the way. Near the northern section, there's a small pull-off featuring a small graveyard. More research is needed, but I believe they are from some of the folks who lived out here in the early to mid-1930s. As the trail continues south, it passes by a large older mining complex with a large tower still standing and a few deep mine shafts covered with steel to peer into and imagine these extreme working conditions not that long ago. There's also a smaller stone structure about half standing as well. As the trail continues south to connect up with Cima Road, one will notice a few dispersed camping spots and get a front-row view of the devastating 2020 fire that ravaged a large section of the park, charred so many Joshua Trees (an estimated 1.3 million of them) and left no ground brush in its wake. The trail is generally easy. Some shorter soft sandy sections, a few off-camber sections. Some sharp rock sections and a few deeper washouts. Some LTE service near the north end of the trail fades to none at the southern end. Keep in mind that this is the Mojave Preserve, and all vehicles must be licensed and street legal.



Technical Rating