Long Valley Road

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1,800.42 ft


2.25 Hours

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Trail Overview

The route starts at the end of Virginia Street, crossing some railroad tracks and turning into a graded dirt road. There are some washboard sections, and during early spring, it is quite muddy. Of course, during winter, it has quite a bit of snow and can be inaccessible at times. Be cautious of large potholes that can be found along the way. After a couple of miles of beautiful scenery of the nearby eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, you will eventually cross over a cattle guard. There is a split in the road, and whichever direction you go, you will quickly enter the Toiyabe National Forest. There are amazing views of the valley, the mountains, and the forest. Along the way, many offshoots offer some more challenging obstacles.

Photos of Long Valley Road

Long Valley Road
Long Valley Road
Long Valley Road


There are several muddy holes and puddles, along with access to cross Long Valley Creek. The crossing is less than 12 inches deep. There are several more technical offshoots to explore if you so choose.

Technical Rating


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Access Description

Long Valley Road is accessible by following Virginia Street past Bordertown, where it quickly passes a cattle guard and a set of railroad tracks and turns to a graded dirt road.

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