Little Box Canyon Meccacopia Loop

Total Miles


332.74 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Hidden in the Mecca Hills just South of Joshua Tree National Park is a fun little trail that winds you through tight canyon washes surrounded by high vertical cliffs of up to 40 feet. The Little Box Canyon Trail is like a baby version of the famous Sandstone Canyon Trail in Anza Borrego. There is only 1 section in the loop that gives it its 3 rating and it is a series of rocky steps on a hill depending on your direction of travel it can be uphill or downhill. Traveling from the Meccacopia Trailhead will be an uphill climb on the steps and traveling from the Little Box Canyon Trailhead the steps will all be downhill making it a little easier. 90% of the trail is hard-packed dirt with small rocks and brief encounters of deep sand. There are tight turns as you venture deeper into the canyons but all are easily done in any mid-size vehicle. Full-sized vehicles will have to be more careful but doable. At the mid of the loop, you will climb above the canyon and be welcomed with some great views of the canyons below and even find some spots to camp.


Rocky steps obstacles that will require careful tire placement and clearance & steep grades as you descend into the canyon floor.

Technical Rating