Jojoba Wash

Total Miles


586.25 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Jojoba Wash is a one-way trail for street legal vehicles in the southern portion of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and is best travelled in conjunction with the Mortero Wash Trail in order to create a loop. Jojoba Wash Trail starts at the end of the Mortero Wash Trail near the abandoned Carrizo Gorge railway line, and ends at a paved highway. Although the northern and southern portions of the trail can technically be travelled in either direction, the trail is designated as one-way by park rangers due to a steep descent into the wash when transiting from south to north. Traveling in a reverse direction can result in significant environmental impacts from vehicles attempting to climb the ledge exiting the wash. This descent into the wash is the most significant obstacle on the trail, and drivers should carefully examine the various lines before committing. Other trail obstacles consist of a narrow rocky canyon, soft sandy washes and scattered basketball-sized rocks. When traveled in the authorized direction, the trail is suitable for stock high-clearance 4x4 vehicles, but low tire pressure is recommended to avoid getting stuck in the soft sand of the wash. One point of interest along the trail is Piepkorn Slot, a narrow canyon named after Mark Piepkorn who suffered a heart attack on the trail in November 1996. A small memorial plaque can be found on a rock near the canyon. Due to high summer temperatures, this trail is best traveled between October and May. Higher traffic can be expected throughout the area between February and April due to desert flower blooming season. Since a portion of the trail follows a wash, it is not recommended during wet weather due to the risk of flash flooding. Cellular signal is limited along the trail but can be found closer to the paved highway where the trail ends.


Although this trail is not particularly technical, negotiating the ledge dropping into Jojoba Wash can be treacherous if not done carefully. For this reason, the trail is considered moderately difficult.

Technical Rating