Janesville Singletrack

Total Miles


1861.69 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

There is a good size parking area at the head of the trail for staging and the trail follows alongside the paved road, so extraction is possible at any moment if needed. The trail marker says ATVs and high clearance 4x4, but that marker must have been put in some time ago as the majority of the trail has been taken over by trees and in certain areas just barely wide enough for a dirtbike. The trail consists of some switchbacks, some sidehill, and quite a bit of sand. It is on the shorter side and ends at another dirt road that you could make a longer loop out of or use the space to turn around and ride the trail in the opposite direction back to the staging area.


The trail is not overly difficult but is tight and technical with little room for error

Technical Rating