Ivanpah Valley High Voltage Line

Total Miles


1330.25 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This section of the high voltage line was a paved road at some point, but most of it has long since been reclaimed by the desert. It would be easy for one to travel it a little faster than they should and find themselves hard on the breaks at one of the more deeply washed-out transitions. Slow and steady is the way! Along the route, you'll be enamored by these massive rows of powerlines that come from somewhere and most likely supply some part of Los Angeles with a little power. Don't forget to watch for desert wildlife and marvel at some of the giant Joshua trees lining the route. This trail takes you from Ivanpah Road in the east to Cima Road in the west. Be aware of the crossing of Morning Star Mine Road; it sneaks up on you. 1 bar LTE service.


Some partial pavement and some deeper washed-out sections and sandy washes to cross.

Technical Rating