Paper Cabin Ridge Trail

Total Miles


1103.41 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

Looking for a nice day trip? Paper Cabin is a decently long drive and can get pretty rough at times. This trail switchbacks up the canyon and to the top of the ridge where it then drops back down to an old mining cabin. There are tons of mines in the area including Buchanan Mine and others, with plenty of old relics and remanences from the past. This trail can get pretty washed out and rutted and usually has fallen trees so be prepared! In the summer and fall it's hot dusty and dry, the end of winter and spring is a perfect time for this trail. There are so many more trails in the area so your adventure doesn't have to stop here! Be mindful of cattle and private properties in the area.


The ruts can be deep on the trail and in winter the mud is pretty bad. Some parts of the trail are pretty overgrown so be ready for some minor pinstripes. There used to be another route to this trail via Forest Route 1N03 but at this time it was completely washed out and impassable. (June 20 23)

Technical Rating


Access Description

Turn at Buchanan Road (1N01). Near the riverside day use. Follow the map from there.