Dos Cabezos Road

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560.96 ft


0.75 Hours

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Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

From the Windmills to the Lumpy Rocks in Anza. What a fun and diverse trail. The lower section begins where the pavement ends down in a forest of windmills. As you travel along the wide, heavily washboarded road, you will have up close and personal views of these behemoth wind generators. If you happen to be here after dark, it's a special treat as their indicator lights blink in unison. Once past these massive turbines, the trail becomes narrow and sandy with a few rocky sections but nothing complicated if one has good tire placement. As you cross into the Anza Borrego preserve, the terrain becomes even more beautiful, especially in the springtime with the wildflower blooms. As you approach the next trail, you will emerge into mountains of spectacular lumpy boulders. Please observe all postcard signs. Be on the lookout for the Protected Desert Tortoises. Also, be aware that this is an area of heavy illegal border activity. Please report any suspicious activities to Homeland Security and make a note of the location it took place. One bar of Verizon LTE fades to none the further you go into the park. Bring lots of water and be prepared for the desert.

Photos of Dos Cabezos Road

Dos Cabezos Road
Dos Cabezos Road


Be prepared for heavy washboard near the beginning and sandy sections near the end. There will be the occasional washout, and the further one travels, the narrower the trail becomes. All vehicles entering the Anza Borrego wilderness must be plated and street-legal.

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Kenneth K
Aug 18, 2023

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