Dishpan Springs

Also known as Deep Creek, this is all uphill if you run west to east.

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Difficult: Steep rocky climbs with large boulders. Rocks are often covered with fine sand making for poor traction. Hard-core modified vehicles only. Somewhat easier if driven downhill in reverse direction.


We've heard two stories as to why some call this trail Dishpan Springs. One is that it is simply named after a natural spring along the trail. Two is that, before the bridge was built over Deep Creek, the crossing was so deep that gear, including dishpans, floated out of open vehicles. We'll let you decide if either is true.

Access Description

From Highway 18 near mile marker 24.5, go north on Highway 173 to Lake Arrowhead. Hwy. 173 turns right after 1.5 miles. After 3.2 miles, turn right on Hook(s) Creek Road at small gas station. After another 3.2 miles, when pavement ends, stay right uphill at fork with white forest sign.

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