Canyon Sin Nombre

Total Miles


367.64 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

Street-legal vehicles only on this winding route through Canyon Sin Nombre, a great spot for unique geologic features. Follow the sandy washes on to the Butterfield Stage Route. Near the end of the route you will pass a shaded watering hole that is also a popular camping spot.

Photos of Canyon Sin Nombre

Canyon Sin Nombre
Canyon Sin Nombre
Canyon Sin Nombre


Easy: You'll want 4-wheel drive for the soft sand and skid plates to get through Canyon Sin Nombre. The wide, obscure washes make route-finding very challenging. GPS is recommended.


We found two explanations for the curious 'Hollywood & Vine'street sign at Waypoint 05. One explanation claims a jokester painted over a county mileage sign of a bygone era. Another attributes the act to Army tank crews who trained here during World War II. Purportedly, Anza Borrego Park rangers maintain the sign. To learn more, we recommend the book 'The Anza-Borrego Desert Region' by Lowell & Dianna Lindsay.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Michael Johnson
Apr 02, 2023

Access Description

From Interstate 8, take Imperial Hwy., Exit 89, north through town of Ocotillo. The highway turns west, then heads northwest, marked as S2. The trail is well marked with a large brown sign on the right after a total of 13.2 miles, just after Carrizo Badlands Overlook and before Sweeney Pass.

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