Barrett Lake Jeep Trail - 16E21

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2,347.30 ft


4 Hours

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This is a highly technical, beautiful in and out trail located in the Eldorado National Forest on the border of the Desolation Wilderness near South Shore Lake Tahoe. The trail starts near Wrights Lake at Dark Lake and ends at Barrett Lake. The trail is only open a few weeks of the year due to snow and wet weather. Please check BLM for current status of the trail. There is a gate that is 86" wide at the trailhead. If you can not fit through this gate do not go on the trail, there are many squeeze obstacles and you will not fit on the trail. This is an extremely environmentally sensitive trail, please tread very lightly and pack out anything you find.

Photos of Barrett Lake Jeep Trail - 16E21

Barrett Lake Jeep Trail - 16E21
Barrett Lake Jeep Trail - 16E21
Barrett Lake Jeep Trail - 16E21


The trail has large rock gardens requiring heavily modified vehicles and experienced drivers. Most obstacles do not have bypasses. There are no exit points on the trail, if you go in, you must go out the way you went in.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Cj Arnesen
Jan 28, 2023
1981 Jeep CJ
Seasonally Closed

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