Alabama Hills Singletrack

Total Miles


1483.41 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Exploring the Alabama Hills Singletrack by dirt bike allows for you to get up close to incredible rock formations and go where no other vehicle can. This singletrack trail that crosses the high desert of Owens Valley gives amazing views of Mt Whitney and the Eastern Sierras in general. Only a few minutes from the town of Lone Pine, this trail can be tackled by just about any skill level. This narrow trail is also open to hikers, so keep an eye out and the trail clean. It is recommended to stay on the trail as it provides the lowest impact route across the desert. If starting at the southern end of the trail, at the Mobius Arch Trailhead, you will encounter the largest elevation change of the whole trail. There will be a steep decline down to the wash, that will then gradually climb back up as the trail continues. It can be difficult to miss the trail, so just look for the dirt bike trail marker. One last thing to keep in mind is the elevation since you will be riding close to 5000', where your bike and body may behave differently than at sea level.


Terrain varies from hard packed whoops, to sandy washes, as well as a few small rock gardens.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Since Alabama Hills is notorious for lacking cell phone service, even though it is close to the town of Lone Pine, downloading offline maps for this trail and others is recommended. Once you turn onto Movie Road from Whitney Portal Road, you will come across a parking area and trailhead. This day-use area provides access to the Mobius Arch Hiking Trail, as well as the Alabama Hills Singletrack.