Rick Evans Grandview Prairie WMA Auto Route

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139.13 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Well maintained gravel roads travel through a beautiful landscape. The Grandview Prairie Auto Tour is a 10-mile route with 10 stops. Enjoy the drive along these gravel roads while learning about the area as you pass signs on the sides of the roads. Two small lakes are at the end of a couple of the roads.


Maintained gravel roads ,two wheel drive passable


The blacklands of southwesternArkansas, a landscape dominated bytall native grasses, had a watery begin-ning. Millions of years ago the Gulf ofMexico covered the region. As itreceded, it left behind deposits ofshellfish that formed a chalky layerunderneath a deep mantle of rich,black soil. It's from this dark soil thatthe blacklands get their name. With akeen eye one can still find fossils ofancient oyster shells or perhaps even amosasaur, a giant reptile that patrolledthe oceans of the Cretaceous Period.The state's blackland prairies andassociated woodlands and bottom-lands harbor more than 600 plantand 315 animal species. The prairiesare often splashed with colorful wild-flowers and attract a variety of birds,including rare species such asBachman's sparrow, Cooper's hawk,sharp-shinned hawk, peregrine falconand osprey.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Tim Williams
Jul 21, 2023
2021 Jeep Cherokee

Access Description

Wildlife Management Area entrance: From Highway 73 in Hempstead County, turn east on Hempstead County Road 14.Bear right at 0.1 miles.Travel 0.7 miles and turn left at Howard County Road 306/Main Road.Travel 1 mile to the WMA welcome sign and tour mapConservation Education Center entrance:From Highway 73 in Hempstead County, turn north on Hempstead County Road 35 North.Travel 2 miles and turn right into the Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center entrance.

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