Prison Fence Trail

Total Miles


722.08 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

An easy scenic trail with a variety of terrain types including gravel, dirt, mud holes, rock ledges and shallow water crossings. The elevation varies from around 1100' to just over 2400' as it follows along the Little Mulberry River. This trail runs north and south between Highway 16 and Highway 215 and makes for a great day of easy trail exploring when paired with Beach Grove Road to the West. The first time we traveled down this trail, we met one of the residents in the area that has a huge garden. He talked about how hard it is to keep the bears out. He built a fence that was probably 10' tall, and that also has a coil of razor wire around the top. When you see this fence, it will be obvious as to why I call it the Prison Fence Trail.


For the most part, this trail is a very easy drive on a county road with scenic views. However, there are a couple of obstacles that require high clearance, and a couple of areas that stay muddy almost year round. After a heavy rain, or in the spring, you will need 4WD in the muddy areas.

Technical Rating


Access Description

On the north end of the trail, access is about a mile east of Pettigrew on Highway 16. From the south end, access is just west of the town of Oark.