Fanes Creek 1520

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579.31 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

Fanes Creek is a really beautiful area to explore with several areas to play in the water, it's a great way to cool off during the summer. It's an easy gravel road with both Fanes Creek and Cove Creek passing alongside this route. There are dispersed campsites right next to these creeks along with waterfalls to explore along the way. There are places to pull off if you want to hike up the waterfalls. Arkansas is home to the venomous cottonmouth snake so be mindful during the summer months where you step as there may be some snakes sunning themselves next to the creeks. The best time to explore this are is right after a rainfall as the water level rises and the waterfalls overflow their banks. The pine trees and white oak line these roads for miles. Fanes Creek can be used as a bypass to access Shores Lake recreation area until the landslide on 1003 is fixed.

Photos of Fanes Creek 1520

Fanes Creek 1520
Fanes Creek 1520
Fanes Creek 1520


There are two water crossings one of which can over flow its banks onto the road as its not a bridge but rather a spillway. The second water crossing has a bridge however during flooding this too can be unpassable. Easy gravel road otherwise. Enjoy


Here is some interesting information on the Ozark Highland Trail that goes from Fanes Creek to Spirits Creek-

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Status Reports

Brent W
Apr 12, 2024
Pretty much a dirt road but there are some cool waterfalls off the trail if you keep your eyes open.

Access Description

From Cass, Arkansas take Fanes Creek Rd 1520 just north of town and take a left.

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