Cossatot River Campgrounds Route

Total Miles


325.23 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This route takes you by several campground areas along the Cossatot River. You have access to camping, swimming, nature viewing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, gravel roads with awesome views, and more. There are elevation changes along the route. The Cossatot Natural Area State Park has modern restrooms, a gift shop, and a learning center. There is a trail and water access close. The other campgrounds do not have a flushable restroom. There are no utilities at the campgrounds. Some roads do get narrow.


Gravel roads with potholes and various size rocks. A spare is a must as some rocks can be sharp and can puncture a tire. roads can be muddy or flooded ,depending on weather.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Travel to Cossatot River Natural Area State Park and begin exploring from there.