Chula Mountain 4128

Total Miles


411.57 ft


1.25 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Chula Mountain road is one of the most scenic drives in the Ouachita National Forest. With an elevation of around 1300 feet, its scenic views definitely don't disappoint. I noticed on my trek through this area that it is deer country. There are deer camps where hunters have built deer hangs and areas to process the deer. To the faint of heart, there are other campsites that don't have any signs of hunting as well. I did spot deer along this route that jumped out in front of the truck so be mindful of the wildlife in these areas. The Ouachita National Forest is home to many different wildlife species so be on the lookout for bears, mountain lions, bobcats, cotton mouths, rattle snakes, skunk, wild boar, and even scorpions. Be careful of where you step and always keep food and garbage in an area that's bear and animal-proof. This is an old logging road so firewood is plentiful along this route.

Photos of Chula Mountain 4128

Chula Mountain 4128
Chula Mountain 4128
Chula Mountain 4128


This route is an easy gravel road that is one lane, there are steep drop-offs, ledges, and overhanging trees so it's not passable by oversized taller rigs. There is always a chance that creeks can overflow onto the roadway after heavy rainfall.


Here is an interesting read on the history of the Ouachita National Forest--

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Briggsville, Arkansas take highway 307 south then left on Country Road 1 then follow that south to Chula Mountain 4128. Basically Country road 1 turns into Chula Mountain Road.

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