Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps

Total Miles


516.57 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This out-and-back trail picks up from the Wheeler Wagon Trail East. The beginning of this trail follows a ridgeline paralleling the mountains. Before it drops into a valley, there is a lovely dispersed campsite with a neat rock fire pit. There are many cacti around this campsite, and the fire ring is off a hill. The trail continues down a loose rocky hill into a beautiful valley. Here, there are several more dispersed campsites. One is out on the canyon's edge with a view of the mountains directly behind. There is 5G cell service at most of these camping areas. Pack in and pack out all trash. After the campsites, the trail drops into a sandy, rocky wash. The trail continues to narrow the further you travel down the wash. Eventually, the trail becomes so narrow and overgrown that it is only possible to continue with an SXS or smaller vehicle. The trail is rated a 2 up to the dispersed campsites. The wash section becomes a trail rating of a 3 to 4 with loose sand and rocks to navigate over. This area can also get extremely hot in the summer months. Bring extra water and supplies if traveling during the summer.

Photos of Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps

Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps
Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps
Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps


The upper half of this trail is a narrow dirt trail with some smaller boulders in the trail to navigate over or around. The lower half of this trail descends into a wash. The wash is deep, loose gravel sand. It has tight turns and has overgrown bushes that will cause paint damage. There are also some larger rocks to navigate in the wash.

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Access Description

From Bullhead City, take the 95 to Silver Creek Road until it turns into the AZPT Bullhead to Oatman Spur trail. Just before getting into the big mountains on the right-hand side is the trailhead for Wheeler Wagon Trail East. Start following this trail and take the left at the first Y to take the Wheeler Wagon Ridge Dispersed Camps Trail.

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