Walnut Creek to Survivalist Camp Trail

Total Miles


1853.34 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This 17.1-mile point-to-point trail takes you along Walnut Creek (seasonal water flow) past Walnut Ranch and the Hualapai Survivalist Camp and connects to the Hualapai Mountain Trail. At 0.7 miles on the trail, right before the 3-track rail crossing, you will pass a memorial for three local off-roaders that were hit by a train while crossing. This is why all local off-roaders now pass under the bridge that is off to the left. At 8.3 miles you will pass Walnut Creek Ranch, this is private property, please follow the sign directions, stay on the main trail, and do not trespass. At 11.1 miles there are some petroglyphs high on the rocks that require some hiking/bouldering to see. At 12.7 miles you will enter the Hualapai Survivalist Camp, this is private property, stay on the main trail and do not trespass in the buildings. In the Spring and Fall water will be flowing in Walnut Creek, and multiple water crossings are possible.


Multiple possible water crossings up to 12" in depth.

Technical Rating