Upstream Access to China Dam

Total Miles


625.13 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

At these coordinates (33.97503 N, -112.30643 W) on Cow Creek Road, there is a Y in the road. If you take a right here, the trail will continue to the creek and eventually, Tule Homestead. If you take a left here, you can continue down into the creek to a small staging area upstream from the China Dam for a nice side trip. From this staging area, you will have access to the area around the dam for pictures, some brief hiking, and some exploration. Please take care to know your limitations hiking in this area. Also, take care during the monsoon season if you plan on visiting this area. The trail is easy except for the final descent into the creek. It is steep but not difficult. The staging area is small but you could likely fit 7-10 small vehicles here. Please be respectful to other visitors. Follow Tread Lightly principles; take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Photos of Upstream Access to China Dam

Upstream Access to China Dam
Upstream Access to China Dam
Upstream Access to China Dam


This route is bumpy and dirt but it is easy. The only difficult section is the last decent into the creek, which is easy on the way to the creek but will be a little steep on the climb out. It will likely require 4 low for safety and added vehicle control. The staging area is sandy but should be easily passable. Drivers should exercise common sense and judgement about approaching the creek in high water level times of the year, including monsoon season.

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Access Description

To get access to this route, follow the China Dam/Tule Homestead route to the Y intersection at the trailhead here: 33.97503 N, -112.30643 W from Cow Creek Road.

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