Two Track into the Wilderness

Total Miles


1627.84 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This lightly traveled trail heads from the border road up into the wilderness. The wildflowers in the springtime are stunning. There are some challenging short hill climbs and wash crossings on this trail, with a few longer sandy sections. Both ends of the trail have decent-sized turnaround points. The eastern ends has a seldom-used wire gate and single hiking gate. The northern area reclaims after a challenging wash crossing that is sandy and off-camber. In the distance to the north appears to be tailings from an old mine. It is a bit hard to tell where the old vehicle tracks run up to the mine. There are a few decent camping spots along the way to the mine and 2 bars of 3G Verizon that fade to none further in. Recommend downloading offline maps for the area before coming out here.


Some challenging sandy hill climbs on this trail, in areas they also lead down and cross some washes.

Technical Rating