Tomkins #513

Total Miles


1,595.92 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

Tomkins is a very challenging 50-inch trail near Camp Verde, Arizona, that starts at an unmarked intersection off of Copper Canyon Road. It immediately starts climbing on a very rocky trail and gets up to a viewpoint before turning right. It keeps climbing on a trail that is so rocky it's like a trough full of loose bowling balls. There are a couple of small rock ledges on this climb as well. This would be an extreme challenge or impassible for an ATV or 50-inch UTV because the climb is shelfy with no turnaround spots, and slightly off-camber or washed out in spots as well. It looks like it is only ridden by dirt bikes now as it has become narrow in spots. This trail is only recommended for experienced dirt bikers. It gains 1,500 feet in the first two miles. It's really hard to find traction on the steep climb with so many big loose chunky rocks on top of loose dirt. Once it gets up on top of the hill, it mellows out with fewer rocks and is immediately easier because it isn't steep anymore. As it heads towards the Box T Trail, it has a few more small hill climbs that are still full of rocks and one with some small ledges. There is an easy-to-miss left turn to stay on the 50-inch trail at the intersection with FS Road 9603E. Look for the small wooden trail signs for 513. The last portion before meeting up with Box T is pretty overgrown with grass and bushes and looks less ridden. Box T is also full of rocks with some steep climbs and descents, so only ride these trails if looking for a very rocky challenge.

Photos of Tomkins #513

Tomkins #513
Tomkins #513


This is an advanced 50-inch trail that would be extremely challenging or impassible for any 50-inch vehicle due to extremely loose rocky climbs, off-camber sections and wash outs, and is advanced for dirt bikers as well.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Scotty Douglass
Feb 23, 2024
Dirt Bike
From Copper Canyon going up, it is a very technical and loose volcanic rock trail. The first 1/2 is a bit deceiving, then it gets progressively more difficult. Not recommended for ATV. Section toward the top that is very narrow with a drop off of a steep embankment. We were on trials motorcycles and it was very difficult. I couldn’t imagine going up this with my Dirtbike. If going down, use caution. Very loose. Totally fun and challenging!

Access Description

Tomkins can be accessed from the Copper Canyon Trailhead via the Camp Verde Trail, or off of Copper Canyon Road. The Copper Canyon Trailhead is a dirt lot with shaded picnic tables and space for trailers.

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