Total Miles


2,159.12 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Interstate is a long 11-mile trail between Rock Rut and Frog Tank Loop. It has some sections of smooth dirt but is mostly a very rocky trail. There are lots of downed logs on the northern half as well. Most of the logs are small and rideable, or partially cut. Throughout the trail, you'll face intermediate rock ledge obstacles, lots of chunky boulders in the trail, loose volcanic rock, and loose, marbly, softball-sized rocks. There is a section in the middle where the terrain changes into more of a desert landscape with cacti through a burn area that is especially loose and rocky. It's slow going over all the rocks, and you really have to look where you are going. All the rocks will really tire out the average rider. Plan for at least an hour to ride this trail. There is a section in the middle where recent logging activity (as of October 2023) has blown out a section of the trail. Huge downed trees are blocking the trail, but if you use a GPS track and take the logging road, you can get back onto the trail. A lot of debris from branches and pine needles makes it hard to see the trail through this section, so a GPS track is extremely helpful. The very southern section smooths out with sweeping wide switchbacks and relief from all the rocks. Lastly, sometimes the trail dumps out onto a road for a quick section before ducking back off the road, so a map is helpful for these sections as well.


This is a very long intermediate single track that is extremely rocky.

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Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

There are 9 motorized single tracks in the Kelly Canyon Trail System south of Flagstaff, Arizona, and several 62-inch trails. The trail system can be accessed from the north from either the Mountainaire Road or Kelly Canyon Road exits off of I-17 and staging off of FS Road 700. There is a ton of dispersed camping off of FS Road 700 and places to park. The trails can be accessed from the south of Munds Park at the Iron Springs Trailhead. It can be quite hot here in the summer, and you might see elk or coatimundi.

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