ATV 14

Total Miles


2,041.55 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail has some really great views of wilderness near Heber - Overgaard, AZ. There is a point where there is an area that will require a machine capable of being a mountain goat, definitely an ATV trail. I did not realize it was an ATV trail until I started on a downhill segment into the canyon while I was driving it. I highly recommend you DO NOT take any large machines down this road and highly recommend you have good offroad experience and go with a friend. There are some challenging rocks and turns going down this hill. Talking to someone else on this trip going back up is even worse. If you love a good challenge on your ATV, this is for you!

Photos of ATV 14

ATV 14
ATV 14
ATV 14


There is a section of this trail that goes down into a canyon. Tough trip down even tougher trip up. Large rocks on a steep grade with sharp turns and off camber sections.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Omar Perez
May 19, 2023

Access Description

Starting from Buckskin Road in Heber head North on the powerline road looking for ATV14 on the left. Easy to pass it by.

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