Strawberry to Pine

Total Miles


1892.57 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This dirt trail connects the small mountain towns of Pine and Strawberry. It starts smoothly from Pine but is a series of switchbacks gaining some elevation. There is a popular hiking trail 1/4 mile in and some stunning views at the top of the switchbacks overlooking the valley. The trail continues into the forest, and there are several dispersed campsites one can spot along the trail. The surface is rutted in the shady areas, and there are a few little rocky sections. The closer the trail gets to Strawberry, the more it opens up with grassy fields and cow watering tanks. Keep an eye out for livestock; it is an open range. Both ends of the trail begin in residential neighborhoods. There are some excellent Airbnb rental options if you're looking for a weekend stay. Local breweries and quirky craft shops are close to each end of the trail and would be a fun stop for lunch after exploring.


Mostly easy with room to pass oncoming and some lite rocky sections. Overall easy. Could be muddy when wet

Technical Rating