Red Line

Total Miles


601.42 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Red Line is mostly a long series of short, steep hills with enough obstacles thrown in to keep it interesting. This Standard Wash area has an uncountable number of legal Jeep trails. Red Line gives you a sampling of the region. There are numerous other named trails, including quite a few that are very difficult. This run avoids the very difficult ones. You may be lucky enough to see deer along the trail. You do not have to go very far before the hills start, and they continue most of the trip. None are dangerously steep, but many will get your attention. Obstacles are spaced out along the trail, and there are several "Extra Credits" alongside this track as well. We made this trip in a counterclockwise direction, but it can be done either way. I believe clockwise would put you uphill on most of the obstacles. Expect to be on the trail for 5 hours, depending on how many vehicles are along and how capable they are.The second obstacle pictured below has a bypass, not only for this obstacle but also for a gnarly, narrow canyon just below it.Hills and challenges may be the high points of this trip, but the scenery is also nice.

Photos of Red Line

Red Line
Red Line
Red Line


Off-camber trail with deep holes and large rocks that may exceed axle height. Expect erosion, loose rocks, sand, washes, shelves, and deep mud holes. Obstacles and ledges up to 5 feet, and near-vertical grades 8-10 feet tall. Potential for water crossings with strong currents. Caution: Vehicle damage and roll-overs are possible.

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Feb 12, 2024

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