East Game Road

Total Miles


1873.55 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Camp, camp and more camp. This trail is great for finding a lovely spot in the Junipers for a night or ten. Plenty of spots have established fire rings and large pullouts for bigger groups. Many of them offer outstanding views of the mountains and of the valley below. In springtime, small wildflowers are blooming all over the place, with plenty of sage bushes hiding cottontails and jackrabbits. Near the end of the driving trail, there is hiking access and a staging area for North Canyon Trail/ East Rim View Trail. Don't forget to sign in at the hiking box at the beginning of the trail if you plan on enjoying any of these hikes. The driving trail is easy and can be considered a 2 in difficulty, all the way to the hiking trailhead. The trail gets significantly more difficult after this becoming a sharp steep rocky downhill with little room to turn around at the end. The route past this point is walkable only. No motor vehicles are allowed to continue. Suppose you want to keep it easy, stop at the hiking trailhead. There is one bar of LTE near the beginning of this out and back, none the further up you go. We recommend downloading offline maps before heading out into this area.


The last little bit of the trail is very steep and has a rocky descent. There is no really good turnaround point at the end. The rest of the trail is easy dirt with tighter corners and rocky sections.

Technical Rating