Santa Maria River Run

Total Miles


390.81 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail runs along the Santa Maria riverbed. Most of the year, it will be a dry wash, but be aware of flash floods during the rainy season or running water during a really wet year. The trail features some very steep hills with loose rutted tracks and narrow sections with very low tree branches. Sections of huge cottonwood trees and a very long sand section that runs along the wash. The trail borders and enters the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness. Be sure to pay attention to all posted signage for boundaries and stick to established routes. The riverbed wash, in this instance, is the established route. Be aware of the signage in the wash indicating when to exit. There is no cell service except near the Western end of the trail up on the hilltops. This trail ends at the East at the Palmerita Ranch House Property.


Steep Loose grades and Long sections of sand.

Technical Rating