House Rock Lower

Total Miles


1814.21 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

A scenic trail that picks up from the Buffalo Ranch trial to North Rim Grand Canyon trail and ends at an intersection to take Buck Farm Canyon Trail out to exceptional views. Or head out to House Rock Hiking Trailhead. Buck Farm Canyon Trail has some of the best-dispersed campsites with cliffside views. This House Rock Lower trail is well-maintained with some gravel sections that appear to see decent use. It turns into some bumpy washboard in the long straight sections. Most of the trail runs through Kaibab National Forest, with one or two private properties in the earlier sections. The driving terrain is mostly dirt, with some bumpy rocks here and there. Small water crossings in the spring are only a couple of inches high, if that. Airing down is primarily for comfort. An SUV can easily navigate this trail. This area is pretty remote, with spotty cell coverage. Bring extra water and supplies when exploring out this far. And leave on a full tank of fuel or bring extra. There are some dispersed campsites midway along this trail in the junipers.


Small water crossings can be expected in the springtime when the snow is melting off the surrounding mountains. Some portions of this trail have rocks to navigate around, they are smaller.

Technical Rating