Roller Coaster - The Rolls

Total Miles


829.64 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Avoid the crowds on east/west sections of The Rolls by sticking to the central corridor - this route stays along the mountain ridges for EPIC views. This seldom used route starts off easy with little elevation change as you drive down rutted out roads. As the trail progresses, you can find plenty of opportunity to take steep descents down into the washes and valleys. Stick with the trail to the finish point and end up at what can be a very secluded Salt River Cove (Cove 2) during the off season. The last third of the trail can get quite challenging as the rain washes out the descent paths on a near constant basis. Choose your lines carefully, approach the steep drops head on, and enjoy the scenery at the Salt River once you finish! Once you are at the cove, you can exit the same way you came in or cut across The Rolls to each the east/west trails and take those out. The second half of this trail consists of several steep hill climbs/descents back to back and can start to feel a bit tipsy. Cutting across to The Rolls East presents opportunity for a bit of rock crawling. Lots of opportunity for fishing/camping/shooting with some absolutely stunning views of Four Peaks and the Superstition Mountains.


As of the end of 2022, this trail is washed out with deep ruts (2+ feet deep), incredibly steep descent angles and large (2-3') drops immediately followed by steep descent paths (~30 degrees nose down on loose soil). Lockers or heavily modified vehicles are likely required due to lack of traction in the rutted out sections. Deep sand once you drop down into the washes. Watch for incredibly sticky/stinky mud when you get down by the water. Lots of potential for rolling over on second half of trail if you don't approach hill descents head on.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Enter this trail from the typical Four Peaks/The Rolls entrance and air down in the second staging area. Instead of dropping into the wash to start the typical Rolls East, you'll follow the marked trail towards The Rolls West until you find the central corridor.