Rennir Mountain - Old Highway 80

Total Miles


199.48 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

The trail is located off Old Highway 80, and the turn comes up quickly, so keep your eyes out for it. This area is a beautiful little mountain landscape with lovely campsite options close to the 8 freeway. Access to the trail and camping is through private property, with no gates or signs, but please be respectful to keep this area open. Larger non-4x4 vehicles are not recommended beyond the first mile. At this point in the trail, a nice big fire ring and campsite can be found, as well as a good turnaround point. Continuing down the trail, it drops down and climbs back up and out a couple of washes requiring 4x4, then turns and heads up into the mountains. Drive on the rock and gravel surface until it brings you to a little campsite above a small canyon at the base of the mountains. Highway 8 can be seen way off in the distance, but it's still a nice quiet spot and would be a fun place to explore all the rocks and boulders around. The best time to explore this area is in the spring and fall.


Stock 4x4 vehicles are not recommended beyond the first mile of this trail. Soil and rock are the main surface type and one sandy wash to cross.

Technical Rating