Red Cloud Falls

Total Miles


280.84 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is the other way to take you out of the mountains either to or from Red Cloud Mine. The main obstacle on this trail is called The Falls. The Falls is an obstacle made of boulders and ledges that you must navigate down or up for about 200 or so yards. There is NO bypass. The wash from the mountains has eroded down to the bedrock and this is how the falls came to be. High clearance is a must. The trail rates from easy to intermediate. An incredibly beautiful drive! We saw wild donkeys all along this route. The trail running from the mine down takes you to the Colorado River where there are ample places to camp. I'm going to rate this trail as 3-5.


The falls are the hardest obstacle. In this section, you will rock crawl up or down a series of ledges and boulders. High clearance is needed or you could possible suffer body damage. Running boards on trucks without clearance will be damaged.

Technical Rating