Part of Metal Masher

Total Miles


629.62 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

First off you will need a permit from and six months of codes for each gate surrounding Bulldog Canyon. The permit will be under the Tonto National Forest Off-Highway Vehicle Permit. This is a part of the Willow Springs Trail. This trail starts off as willow springs but goes back into Bulldog Canyon. This is a very rocky and off-camber trail that gets really rough the futher back you get into it.


this trail is rated 6 but as you get deeper into the canyon it gets really to a 8 with deep mud holes loose rock and close to 8 foot ledges it can get really crazy really quick.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Head to Willow Springs Trail take about a mile into it and you'll come to a "V" in the road. Normally Willow Springs goes right but you'll go left.