Palomas Flats

Total Miles


233.49 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

This is the main access route to get back toward the Paloma mountains area that borders the Naval Warfare Range. The trail begins in farmland access passing right by the WWII memorial for the 81st infantry division of 1943. "The Wildcats" Once past this pyramid-shaped memorial, there is a decently graded trail around the farms and the old irrigation ditches. Be on the lookout for sharp metal hiding in the bushes. Once past the farms, the trail becomes more interesting with sandy washes and rocky sections. It begins in Arizona state land trust land where a use permit is required. Once passed, it becomes open BLM land as it continues into the hills. There are a few old fire rings with dispersed camping spots along the way. The further one travels along the trail, the more magnificent the mountains become. Be on the lookout for old mines along the route and red-tailed hawks hunting the area. A few bars of Verizon LTE fade in and out along the way. some of the deeper sandy sections and off-camber transitions


Expect some of the deeper sandy sections and off-camber transitions.

Technical Rating